My father always told me that violence is the default position of the moron, too feeble to reason. That’s part of the reason why I spent much of my adolescence with a split lip, cursing myself for not holding my tongue when some thug grunted in my direction.

I needed to learn too when silence was required – that is, when the noise made was aimed to stir emotion rather than reason. I have the online trolls to thank for that lesson.

All of this came to mind when hearing the latest news from Pakistan in relation to their upcoming election.

In truth, these terrorists only demonstrate that they are wrong.

From a strictly secular point of view, if the social package they had on offer truly provided the chance for improved human flourishing, then they could sufficiently reason as much and many people would adopt it. They wouldn’t need brutality to make their point.

From a spiritual perspective, how impotent does your deity need to be to require young men – this deities apparently loved creation – to strap explosives to themselves to make this super being’s point?

At least the Westbro Baptist church claims natural events are the wrath of their impression of a god, as naive and grotesque as it may be. This position is more “defensible” as far as spirituality is concerned.

If they require to undertake horribly inhumane acts on the behalf of their deity, these individuals demonstrate that they have no faith in the abilities of their deity. They ought to be able to simply enjoy a nice peaceful life and let god get on with teaching its creation about itself.

Of course, I strongly suspect nothing but silence in the way of “wrath” from some superbeing, and so must such people if they act in such a fashion. The actions undertaken do nothing but undermine the faith involved.