rIt makes me wonder how well the writers of The Australian and Advertiser sleep at night. I wouldn’t like to speculate however, because either alternative is unsettling. In yet another example as to why I tend to avoid these cheap rags, we have an article by Ben Packham titled Wayne Swan accused of ‘politics of envy’, which clearly tends to the favour of the accuser, Christopher Pyne.

Wayne Swan points out Gina Rinehart as a person manipulating and undermining democracy for her own personal gain.

This is the woman who funded the double dose of Moncktonian madness to the Australian public; a man now so exposed for his absurd claims that even his biggest fans have attempted to separate themselves from him (such as Watt’s publishing Peter Hadfield’s reply following a thorough take-down of Moncktonian shuffle in Peter’s video series). This same man also held a meeting with similar figure heads discussing the possibility of an Australian version of the FOXNews media model.

Anyone who honestly thinks Rinehart is after a fair and sustainable future for Australia – which clearly would take a massive chunk from her earnings – with the above in mind has to be kidding themselves. Mr Pyne obviously thinks she’s a modern day industrious saint!

Arguably the damage Monckton did in his whirlwind tours of our sunny shores has set back committed proactive leadership in tackling our massive personal carbon footprint, being leaders in future technology and played a role in the take down of one Prime Minister (and an opposition leader). Rinehart isn’t messing with Australian media and impacting on our government for her own gain? Are you kidding me?

Years ago, when I saw the sensationalist reporting over ‘demonic sharks’ (okay, admittedly they didn’t actually write that) plaguing our oceans, waiting to gobble us all up, following another fatal shark attack, I realised that the Advertiser and The Australian went for me. They’re not interested in accuracy, but solely an interesting story. Here they have taken interest in just one small bite of the typical mud hurling which the Australian parliament seems to waste more time indulging in than actually leading the country because it serves a purpose. Mr Swan’s words are fighting words that belittle our media (rightfully in my opinion).

Yes, we should have free industry and free media, but no-one really wants to be force-fed someone else’s nonsense for the benefit of a lucky few (at the expense of everyone else). When a wealthy individual can manipulate our media in such a way to induce paralysis on crucially needed behavioural changes to human activity, we’ve lost something special in our Australian culture. We may as well pack-up shop and leave governance up to the wealthiest CEO. The public should be outraged at being lead down whatever rabbit hole some entrepreneur wishes; we should demand reliable and well founded information.

What such people do is deliberate misinformation. It’s akin to the Catholic’s selling Indulgences to increase their pot of gold. It’s a lie and it’s undemocratic. While I expect nothing less from such rags, I hope the average Aussie spots this wolf in sheep’s clothing.